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Our Purpose

Health is a crucial issue. It is essential to maintain and improve health in today’s world. Our lifestyle is making us susceptible to many diseases and risking our lives. Lifestyle diseases have hampered our ability to live freely and enjoy a life of fulfillment. At Frank Medilink, we strive to deliver our promise of our care for family by providing quality medicines at the most affordable prices.

Established in 2012, Frank Medilink is a leading Gujarat-based P.C.D. pharmaceutical company that has acknowledged the Pharma market’s need since its inception, continuously innovating by refining its product range to cater to its customers. We are an ISO 9001-2015 certified company offering marketing and distribution rights to our franchises.

We have received an overwhelming response not only from our traders but also from customers, including doctors and patients alike. This success is credited to our vast product range with formulations prepared at India’s finest manufacturing facilities with W.H.O. and G.M.P. standards and stringent quality regulations.


We envision a future for the healthcare industry where we can improve the quality of life of each human being by reaching every nook and corner of the country and are committed to a healthier tomorrow where each individual not only lives longer but happier also.


Our mission is to provide the widest range of healthcare products at affordable prices developed at the best manufacturing facilities to every patient.

Our Business

The company focuses on a patient-centric approach, which has earned us repute and recognition all over the country. We work for mutual growth and prosperity by offering customer satisfaction at every level, be it an end-user or the marketing channel. We utilize our resources optimally to make our business economically viable while providing growth opportunities to our partners.

We are always ready to adapt to change because the market is ever-changing, with factors like consumers’ preferences, government policies and technology rapidly evolving with time. We empower and support our P.C.D. distributors in all domains for exponential market growth.

Frank Medilink has a strong base with attractive product offerings and a team of skilled professionals with expertise in marketing and distribution. All our employees are focused on the company’s mission and vision and strive to achieve organizational goals in association with various departments at the company.

Our Values

Excellence in Quality

Our primary focus lies in delivering the best quality products to our consumers. We never compromise on the quality of medicines and perpetually improve our standards and processes.

Trust and Integrity

We aim to cultivate a healthcare industry that follows the highest standards of integrity and is responsible for its patients and distributors.

Commitment to Patients

Our main priority is our patients and their health. We are committed to improving the wellness of people across the country and making healthcare accessible and affordable to all.

Long Term Trade Associations

Transparency lies at the heart of Frank. We build associations with our clients for durability and to deliver outstanding results. We believe in breaking down barriers and embracing change in the Pharma industry.

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